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dry fruit в Нью-Йорке

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Caucasian drum 13", 310х330 mm (dchol doul douli dool)
300 $/шт DAP  
Оптовая цена
от 200 $/шт
Sam, ИП, RU
Workshop. Material – dry-bend birch plywood. Height: 310mm. Diameter: 330mm. Thickness: 4mm. With a rope. Color: black satin.
Удобрение Гумат калия "ФК" /Humate potassium
Оптовая цена
1 - 2 $/л
Арепей нк, ООО, BY
Fertilizer potassium humate " FK " (liquid concentrate) from environmentally friendly lowland peat, which does not contain heavy metals....
Dried Fruits and Nuts for Export
2 $/кг FCA  
Оптовая цена
2.50 - 4 $/кг
Sindbad Sailor, ООО, UZ +2 объявления
Wide assortment of dried fruits and nuts from Uzbekistan available right now!
Оптовая цена
1 - 3.50 $/фунт
Turiya, ЧП, UZ
Organic any kid of dry fruits from Uzbekistan, for example walnut nuts $2.5-$4 pound , about price will discass, payment will discuss LC possable
Vacuum fryer
Цена по запросу
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +3 объявления
The Normit VF vacuum deep-fat fryer is designed for batch frying of vegetable, fruit, seafood, meat and fish products. The Normit VF vacuum fryer...
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga»
3 200 $/т EXW  
Оптовая цена
до 3 000 $/т
IDS - Intrepid Dorich service, ООО, UZ +1 объявление
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga» Our company «Intrepid Dorich service» offer you Universal & unique product In 3 times sweeter than regular...
Amber oil
500 $/л EXW
Amber Protect, ИП, RU
AMBER OIL Product of deep processing of amber obtained in the process of dry distillation of a mineral. Amber oil is an innovative product that...
Xanthan Gum
2 $/кг
Казахстанская Промышленная..., ТОО, KZ +1 объявление
Xanthan gum is one of the most effective, most widely used and most versatile polysaccharide across the world today. It is mainly composed of...
Chickpeas "Bar"
Оптовая цена
от 700 €/т FCA
Градина, SRL, MD
The LLC Gradina company sells large-fruited Israeli seed chickpeas " Bar " +10, weight of 1000 seeds of 484 grams
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window
1.75 €/л EXW  
Оптовая цена
0.99 - 1 €/кг
Tioseal, LS, TR
We send you the technical data of products to review our products. If you are interested in these products, we will be happy to send you any...
Evaporator concentrator-crystallizer
Цена по запросу
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +3 объявления
Atmospheric evaporator-crystallizer is designed for evaporation of moisture from emulsions, solutions to obtain a crystalline form. Usually used...
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